IT and Network Support.

We provide support on anything that you would expect to see on a typical network. Specific areas that we cover include servers, workstations, operating systems, as well as applications, printers, routers, switches, hubs, network infrastructure, Internet connections, firewalls... Basically InformationMechanics is always your first point of contact for any network issue.

We cover all Microsoft operating systems and applications, most UNIX and Linux systems, and other major applications such as Sage.

IM does not provide hardware maintenance. If we encounter a problem that turns out to be caused by faulty hardware, we will work with you and your hardware supplier to order replacement parts and install them for you. Although we do not supply the parts themselves, we do work with hardware suppliers that can provide any hardware, software or licenses you may require. Of course, the final choice of supplier will always be left entirely to the client.

We guarantee emergency response times of fifteen minutes, and will normally respond instantly to any emergency. We set up remote links to all our customers’ sites. This allows us to access servers and other network critical components within seconds, so that we can respond to problems immediately. While many problems can be solved within minutes, we will go onsite to deal with any problem that cannot be handled remotely. We aim to be onsite within four hours of identifying any problem that cannot be solved remotely, with most onsite response times falling well below that mark.