About us.

InformationMechanics was founded by Chris Lee Kim in 2002.

“I decided to start the company while serving as head of the IT department for an accountancy firm... through my work I could see there was a void in IT support that needed to be filled.”

“... Keeping clients informed every step of the way, quick response times... and a pragmatic approach to problem solving. That’s what every manager needs. Today InformationMechanics documents all work performed on client systems through Statements of Completion.”

“Everyone needs extraordinary IT support, but that’s not just fixing computers and making sure they run. IT needs to be managed. The support is really there when it also provides strategies to assist management with planning their IT infrastructure and setting budgets... The results are streamlined operations that minimize cost and maximize return on your IT investment. InformationMechanics offers free quarterly management meetings to assist management with their IT issues.”

Chris Lee Kim

Registered Office: Information Mechanics Limited, Siddley House, 50 Canbury Park Road, Kingston Upon Thames, Surrey KT2 6LX.

Correspondence Address: Information Mechanics Limited, Alton House, 256 Malden Road, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 6AR.

VAT: 814948308 · Company Registration: 4559021